Take Screenshot after UIAutomation v20.6-preview - Continue on Error & Retrieving Null Screenshot

As stated in https://docs.uipath.com/activities/docs/take-screenshot

“Before UIAutomation v20.6-preview, irrelevant of the ContinueOnError property, any exceptions that happened did not throw a visible exception, stopping the execution of the workflow, but simply returned a null screenshot. Starting with v20.6-preview, any exception thrown by this activity stops the execution of the workflow…”

So from 20.6 and on, if you set ContinueOnError to True, it will return a null screenshot as happened before?

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Paco B.

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Hey @Francisco_Braulio_Barrio,

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Yes, If you set the continueOnError property to true It will just continue execution on error giving output image as null.

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