Take screenshoot of log message

I want to take screenshoot of log message with log level error. i use take screenshoot activity but its not taking screen shoot of error pop instead its taking screenshoot of screen apart from error popip

If you do not provide a selector to the Screenshot activity, you can ensure you get the screenshot as long as its visible. This will take a screenshot of the entire screen.

Its not taking screen shoot or error message displayed

The Take Screenshot activity will not omit anything currently visible on the screen, but the selector target and object must be empty.

It’s possible that the error does popup into the foreground automatically. If you know or can get the selector of the popup, you can use that and the activate activity to force the popup to be in the foreground.

I use this because an application I use with UiPath occasionally throws a warning and I need to force the popup to the foreground.

Can you please attachment for same?