Take number from Web and compare

Hi all,

I want to get number on the web and then compare it to check if number changed or not with another number which I input on " input dialog activity ".

But seem I created not correct , so it run not exactly.

How to compare number in this case ???

Pls suggest me a solution.

Thanks so much!


U did right…
Just add following expression before if condition.



Hi rahatadi.

Thanks you but I don’t know how to do.

I want to get Value from the web with " Number " format… and then compare with another number I want.

Could you explain to me?

Thanks you!

Create variable called DUMMY of type int
Use assign stage
DUMMY =cint(Span)

Hi Aditya.

I do not correct ?

Pls check and support me about this case.

Thanks you so much!

@trunghai Import namespace called System.Text.Regular Expression

Hi Indra !

I have installed but seem it has problem as below.

@trunghai Can you post the error message

Hi Indra.

It not show message… when I click into " Install " and then " save " it run and not show any message.

And then, I come to manage packages, check this package received information as previous post.

Thanks you!

P/S : Do you have any example for my topic ?

I want to scrap " price " for any " product " on the web. After I want to compare this " price " with another price to know it lower or bigger.

Thanks you so much!

@trunghai I think still you dint import namespace

Go to Imports Panel l Which is beside your Variables panel

Type System.Text.RegularExpressions and import this

Refer below link

[Regex is not declared]

Hi Indra san.

Sorry I’m new.
How to import it as below ?

@trunghai just click on system.text.regularexpression

Hi Indra.

Could you pls support me to do one example ?

I want to scrap a price from one model on webpage : " https://dienmaycholon.vn/tu-lanh ", and then compare " price " with another price which inputted into inputbox ?

Thanks you so much!

@indra I have clicked but it not show any message.


please check this …!

Hi Indra .

Thanks you so much for your strong support.

This is good example for me to learn.

But I want to scrap the price from one product on the webpage https://dienmaycholon.vn/tu-lanh

And then compare it with any Price ( number format ) which I input into Inputbox to check it lower or bigger the price on webpage.

Thanks you so much!


have you done with data scrapping ?
i believe that you have data table with you which has all data retarded to price ?

i have provided you a simple example to do this,
please check and let me know what else is missing :slight_smile:


hi Indra .

I have got text from the webpage and show it into message box.

I want to compare this price with another price ( number format ) which I input into InputBox or Output DataTable.

Could you pls guide to me step by step for this ? Or do a example for me ?

Thanks you!


could you please upload your xaml file (code file)?


Hi Indra.

Pls kindly check .

I don’t know how to do continuously.
I want to check this price with another price. You can input a Input dialog to compare with price which I have scrapped on the web as attach.
Check Data on The Web.xaml (10.4 KB)