Take action when element appears and take no action when it does not appear

I need to perform an action when an element appears and not perform an action when it doesn’t.
Which function to use? As it is an element of a site could not perform by if.
If possible, guide me.

The image below shows the number used as a reference, when it is “=0” it does not need to perform actions, if it was different from 0 it would perform.
However we received an update in the system and this entire field does not appear when no item is on the list.
That is, when the counter below appears, I perform the action when it does not appear, it does not perform any activity.

Hello @Matheus_Andre ,

You can start with these. As you work through each of them you can decide which of them will best suite your application:


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Thank you very much!
I’m managing to continue, let it work!

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Element Exist solved the demand, thanks again!

Excellent @Matheus_Andre ! :slight_smile:

Element Exists is my personal choice. I use it almost 100% of the time to decide on process logic.

Nice to know you have a resolution.


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