Tagged Reading Order missing in Adobe Acrobat Reader

Hello UiPath community,

I am having trouble with scraping .pdf documents using Adobe Acrobat Reader - v. 20.013.20074. In order to allow my bot to identify all UI elements correctly, I navigate to Edit > Accessibility > Change Reading Options…, but, when I try to set the Reading Order, the Tagged reading order option is missing. Therefore, I am unable to select the UI elements I need.

The only options I see are 1) Infer reading order from document (recommended); 2) Left-to-right, top-to-bottom reading order; and 3) Use reading order in raw print stream. Using any of them gives no success.

I’d love to get some help. Thanks!

Hi @idobrev,

Only for Adobe Reader DC 19 it is necessary to select the Tagged reading order option.

For Adobe Reader DC 18 and 20, it is seems to be enough to select the Infer reading order from document option only, since there is no Tagged reading order option

For more information, please refer to https://docs.uipath.com/studio/docs/identifying-ui-elements-in-pdf-with-accessibility-options

Hope it helps
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Hello @idobrev,

Depends on the data that you want to extract, but instead scraping data from PDF maybe you can use the option Read PDF Text which will get your data in a string format.

After this, you can use different options like Regex/Substring to get the data you want. Using this, you avoid opening the pdf file and being limited to Reading Options.