Table Row


I have extracted a data table and That table do not have fixed rows , Now I want to fetch values of row 16 but since rows are not fixed row 16 is not giving the right output everytime .

Is there anyway by which I can pass the row number dynamically so that it gets the index of right row before getting the item value

can you explain you problem more? or a sample what and how you are doing?

More information needed.

Are you looking to fetch the last row everytime? Or a specific value which may or may not be in row 16?

@XYZ_1991 You can get rows and columns count.

                      rowsCount = datatableExcel.Rows.Count
                      columnsCount = datatableExcel.Columns.Count

Refer This Post

Thank you , I actually found the solution

I actually wanted to fetch the row name from a table so applied .the for each loop and compared the desired name with item from column 0.

Thanks Everyone