Table reading automation

Hello everybody,

today i started using the UiPath StudioX to make a personal project because i want to climb Mont Blanc and there are no dates available for reservations. Regarding the app, I want to get a notification, e-mail or anything that announces me when a new spot (or more than on) appears on the table because i want to manually make reservations for 2 fixed dates 19-20 August.

When a new spot appears on the reservation table two things happen.

  1. The cell for that certain date turns green, as you may see in some days of September month.
  2. In the same cell, a number that represents the quantity of free spots appears (it may range from 1 to 99)

I am very new to this app and would love some feedback. I attached the progress i have done so far. I know it is just a beginning but i am not a PRO in computers, thus using StudioX.

link for the website: Public booking, Voie normale du Mont Blanc

See attached project as a starting point:

  1. Extract the month table into Excel and try to process data there
  2. If you know Excel macros, just call the Run Macro activity to extract the information you want
  3. I continued my solution using other StudioX activities
  4. Go through each row in the Sheet, for each 7 days in the week, try to see if there are available spots by splitting the text by new line (vbLf for Excel)
  5. Send the e-mail with the results

To run the robot periodically, you need to connect to your Cloud Orchestrator, publish the project and confiture a time-based trigger to run the workflow on your computer: (608.0 KB)

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Thank you very much for taking the time to help me!

Today I will start using it.

Thank you again!