Table Extraction keep on running even though there is no next button

Hello, I’m creating a bot which needs to extract all the work items on acme website. I use table extraction and set the Limit extraction to property to Max UI Elements. When I run my bot after going to page 11, it will press the previous button then extract page 10 then extract the next page then back again to page 10. I want to extract only up to page 11 without setting the number of items to 11.

Can you show all details of your selector for the Next button?

Here is my selector for next button

The details are not visible! :sweat_smile: I’d need to see all the selectors, to check if there’s anything weird.

You can also try deselecting Computer Vision if selected


ExtractTable (2).zip (6.6 KB)
Check this one.

Thank you so much. This one worked! The bot now only scrape data until the last page.

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