Table extraction in CV - Agresso Application

We have a citrix application (Agresso) to be automated. There are scenarios where we need to extract table data in some screens. is this possible in CV? Also is there any other ways to do it ?

Did we try with SCREEN SCRAPPING METHOD from design tab
Cheers @rahulraj987

Thank you @Palaniyappan . We tried screen scrapping. The whole data in the application screen are extracted in a scrambled way. Our aim is to search for an invoice number in the table and double click on that particular row to move to further steps in the application.

Did we try with CLICK TEXT activity

Does that help to identify the index of the table row with that invoice and click on that particular row in the applciation?

If the invoice number is unique across the whole table then we can use click text where we can add the invoice number and set the type as DOUBLE in the property of that click activity

Cheers @rahulraj987