Table Extraction - Filter Row

on the video UiPath Academy, There is a limit extraction includes “Max rows” option. But my UiPath Studio includes “Max UI Elements” option instead of this.When I tried to implement the video “Max UI Elements” doesnt work same with “Max rows”. I set 20 but this tool extracted 50 rows. How can I handle with it.

@ulas.benakay max uielements and rows should be the same thing. Can you try selecting the other options (max pages / no limit) and see if there are any values filled in? if there are then clear them

I tested other options. If you select “No limit”, the tool tries to extract all data from all pages. If you set “Max pages” as 5, it extract all data from firs 5 pages. These are the same with the video. But When I set “Max UI elemets” as 20, it extract 50 rows. It isnt the same thing with “Max rows”

Hi @ulas.benakay

Max UI elements and max rows, both are same.
I just tried and it got me the 20 rows if I set the max ui elements to 20. I tried with different values also and it gave me the correct output.
Please check once again.