Table Extraction: Extract URLs

Studio: 2023.8.0

I’m trying to use the table extraction wizard to retrieve the URLS of the hyperlinks in a table on a website. In the old version of the wizard, there used to be an option of either returning the text, or the URL for a given field. Now I do not see any option to return the URL.

I’ve reviewed the latest documentation here: , but I don’t see any guidance relating to extracting URLs. Has this feature been removed now? or am I overlooking something?

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Maybe you can use “Find children” activity with upper level selector of the window that contains these links, and filter by elements with tag “a”.

As a note, if you use this activity, you can set to find “Descendant”, then you can find “childrens of childrens” with same activity.

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Thanks Usha, This sounds like a sensible approach if the Extraction Wizard really doesn’t do URLs any more. I was kinda hoping someone would come back and say that I was being stupid and missing something obvious. Removing this feature seems like a backward step.

no worries
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Hello John Mac,

Hello John Mac,

By activating the plugin in the image, if the URL is available in the rows you pulled data from, it will take it and it will appear in your table.


Mert Samet

Seems like this is available in UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities = 22.4.10, but not in newer versions.


I am facing the same problem. Seems like a backward move entirely. Honestly, a lot of what they did in the past years seems like going backward. The only question is why?


guys can you urgently ask the engineering team to make this aboslutely crucial feature back into the product?

Just to close this topic, for anyone who encounters it in the future. It looks like it is working just fine :slight_smile: (I tested on UIAutomation 23.10.3)

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