System1_Login workflow not throwing Exception after unsuccessful login

I am working Assignment 1 and 2 with Reframework. While creating System1_Login workflow I am facing one issue. If there is unsuccessful login
1.mail will be sent to the id
2.system will throw an exception
3. process will end

Point 1 is working fine. point 2 I have implemented. but the flow is not going to End process after 1 and 2. It is coming out of the System1_Login workflow and going to execute the next workflow (System1_NavigateToWorkItems) and then when something is wrong ending the process (all in init stage).Can anyone throw some light on it where I am wrong?


Try to add Assign activity - SystemError = new Exception(“wrong credentials”) after the Throw activity.

It will then go to the End Process State since the Init State Transition End - System Error matched (SystemError isNot Nothing).

Thanks for your reply.:+1:
Now I have put an Assign activity after Throw. The SystemError variable isnot Nothing now. The flow is coming out of the System1_Login workflow and going to next workflow NavigatetoWorkItem . Once it is not finding the required UI( due to login error at prevoius stage) again SystemError is assigned to exception (i have used TryCatch there). Now the flow is going out of init state to End Process.
My question is as soon as SystemError is assigned some exception value why End process is not called (from System1_login), instead it is executing next workflow (the last workflow in init state) and then calling the End Process?
Is it correct?


It will check the State Transition at the end of the State workflow.

yes. Working now. Thanks:+1:

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