System time manipulation (rounding)


I’m working on a project where the current system time needs to treated in 5 minute segments, i.e. if the current system time is 17:47 it should be rounded to 17:45; if 17:04 -> 17:00 and so on.

I know how to get the system time but not how to “round” it. Does anyone have an idea?

@RPA_user1 Do you want the round off value as a String or as a TimeSpan?

As a String, I reckon

@RPA_user1 When would you want it to round off to 17:50 ? What should be the output when the time is 17:48 or 17:49 ?

If the time is 17:51, 17:52, 17:53, or 17:54 -> 17:50
If 17:48 or 17:49 -> 17:45.
It should always convert to an earlier time if it does not end on 0 or 5.

@RPA_user1 Check this Workflow :
Round Off System Time.xaml (7.5 KB)

Test this Workflow at different times. And revert back if it does not give the expected output and mention the time it didn’t convert


Fantastic. It works as intended with this Split method! Thank you, very interesting.

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