System.Text.RegularExpression.Match to a IF condition

I have some information to save in a variable I created in the Matches activity. The problem is that this information comes different formats, so I need to go through an IF activity, because if it’s a format, I use a formula and if it’s another format, I use the other formula, but both storing the information in the same variable .
What kind of condition can I use inside my “IF condition” to do this kind of filter? I’m not able to create an if for this activity I need.

Hey @Danilo_Rodrigues,

You can create a nested if condition in this case.
In the outer if condition you can check for the first format if it matches you can put the value in the variable using the Assign activity, if the format does not match you can have another if condition in the else block of outer if condition and also you can check for the another format and if match found you can assign the value to that variable else you can put log message or anything in the else block as per the process requirement.


Hi @Danilo_Rodrigues, I hope you are doing well.
Can you please elaborate your problem with an example so, that we can help you with the best possible solution.

Thank You,
Shubham Dutta

Hi @Danilo_Rodrigues

It quite confusing. Can you provide us with some Sample example and screenshot of the flow


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