System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x800401E3)

I’m having this problem with UiPath Runtime recently.

I have an automation that it execute between 0:00 and 7:00 am. But recently the robot gets locked with this error. It just gets locked. No more logs, not any kind of robot exception. It just kept running. Leaving other jobs pending for hours. I don’t know what could cause this :frowning:

For now I have to enter into de vm to close the execution. But today I’de done something different. This job execute tasks in SAP. So this time I force closure in SAP and the robot kept showing new logs.

¿What could be happening and why SAP could be the reason to be locked?

Please check your Imports section and verify Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word is present?



Might be possible that some operation in sap is taking longer or a popup which comes in sap that makes it unresponsive.

Could you try killing sap, if something like this happens.

Hi! no it isn’t. I have Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel. Should I Import Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word?

Hi, During Execution I cannot kill anything because the process gets locked. I have to manually enter in the machine to force the task to close nad then the process automatically continues.

Yes, try importing Word


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Hí, I’ve Imported Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word yesterday and today I’ve saw my process locked for 13 hours.

In this process que create a word with different captures and it has autosave enabled. I read In other post that IT can cause coflicts adding images, I’ll will try disabling this and if it work I post the solution.

I’ve just changed to another option to generate de PDF, This doesn’t have a solution yet

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