I have a system.nullreferenceExpêction problem with a variable. The variable is already declare as generic value but at the time of the compilation the Robot can not read it and bug
Thank you

Hi @oussama_rguibi,

Can you provide more information what is the expression inside assign statement and what you are trying to achieve

Hi @oussama_rguibi,

You are correct. The variable “a” is declared.

However, it seems to be null. That’ why it shows “NullReferenceException”.

So, assign some value to the variable before you try to modify. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @Vivek_Arunagiri
Can you give me an exemple of a value to assign
Thank you

Im trying to copy a value from an excel file and paste it into an other excel file
PS: this operation must be done every day with the new extract value from excel

If you want to assign some value to “a”, use assign activty.


However, if you need to copy one excel data to another excel you can use Copy Sheets activity, please check the below link.

CopySheet Activity

It doesn’t work for me.
Can I send you my Flowchart @Vivek_Arunagiri ?

Please attach your WorkFlow and Excel file to look into this issue.

Thank you all for your time . I fix the problem . The issue was in the excel file itself

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