So i am getting this error for a while now can’t seem to fix it. I am on the lvl 3 the Advanced of the RPA Developers course the Calculate Client Security Hash but i get this error what do I do?

Cheers, @bjrnuitenbroek

Hello @BjrnUitenbroek

i’m still not sure why you are getting a null exception here like this. How did you open this workflow? By clicking on the open workflow button of the Invoke workflow activity?

Can you try closing this and opening the workflow through the Project panel directly to see whether this error still appear there?

For the selector issue that you got during run time, I think you might to make your selector little bit dynamic. Change the title of the selector to be dynamic and see whether it works for you. The title says to click on this log out button, you have to be on the work items page, Which may be not the case in yours. So introduce some wild cards there and see

Yes i did!

the error does not appear if i open it through the panel

yeah i know how to fix that! Thanks!

i know how the error appears but just not why! It finds an error in the Init state and thats why its redirecting it to the system error transistion in the REFramework