System Health Check

Has Anyone used the System.Health.Check activity , Need some insights on it.

I wanted to run on multiple servers and take the report


Please find the below link:

Thanks Lakshman, i have gone through it and downloaded.
But i wanted to use across servers in my org… any real time usage assistance ?

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Sorry… I don’t have :frowning_face:

cool thanks for your time :slight_smile:

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Regarding this activity,

Does anyone know how to declare a process name? like how to get the process name etc.


Use Get Processes activity and it will lists out all running processes.

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Thank you…its working.
One doubt…I could see that the memory displayed in the task manager and displayed through this activity has a vast difference…in task manager 430MB, from activity 579MB.

What could be the reason?

P.S. The activity functionality is proper as i increase the number of windows of the same application, memory usagae displayed is also increasing accordingly

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No idea bro. I did not used this. Will check it.

The author has stated that the memory usage given by the System.Health.Check is more in line with perfmon.exe rather than task manager.

Task manager list the amount of memory allocated to a process, but the actual usage varies moment to moment.

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