System.Exception: Error While Applying Config Transform For Migration 202002181635311

While updating the Orchestrator from version 2019.10 to version 2022.4.1, error "System.Exception: Configuration failed: Error while applying config transform for migration 202002181635311_Add_Auth_SharedRobotOAuthClientId" .

Root Cause: This issue occurs when the migrator is unable to read the appsettings section from the web.config during the upgrade process from 2019.10 to 2022.4. The most likely reason is that the web.config file of Orchestrator was modified at some point.

Resolution: Use a correct web.config file. If this is a multi-node deployment, the web.config file of both nodes can be compared to check the differences. Otherwise, a backup of the web.config file can be used.

If no correct web.config is available anymore, check the current file for manual modifications and / or syntax errors.