System.Exception: Error detecting project version

Hi All,

I have a published project in my office PC, which holds community version of Uipath
and I have installed CE in my personal PC and both are provisioned and connected to Orchestrator -
the status in Orchestrator Robots page is as below screenshot

But the problem is -
The project is drafted in office PC : the JOBS are running well and good for the PROCESS only in office PC
for my Personal PC - it turns out with an error

Please anyone guide me…How to deploy the package in my Personal PC and orchestrate the project in both the PCs

Have you upgrade package version on orchestrator?

the package is upgraded and active in orchestrator.

FYI- this project creates a random #, write it in a sheet one-by-one in an excel sheet, then sort even & odd numbers accordingly in other two sheets - Uses Excel application scope
the excel file is present in the project folder

Did you find the solution to this problem? I am facing the same issue

To me that was the problem with the excel paths…Instead of giving an absolute path, give a environment.current directory

Did any find the solution for the same…

I am also facing the same error.