System exception.Cannot create and populate list type Newtonsoft.Json.Linq.JToken

Hey There,

I struggle (or struggled) with the same error as explained here:

So everything worked fine in Studio and on my machine’s UiPath assistant, but as soon as running in unattended mode, it failed with “System exception.Cannot create and populate list type Newtonsoft.Json.Linq.JToken”

The solution in the other topic was to bring the packages to the same JSON version.
Which was pretty difficult in my case.

I created a new Bot with Template “Robotic Enterprise Framework”.
Which in Studio 21.10.5 uses UiPath.Testing.Activities Version 1.4.6, which needs Newtonsoft.Json 13.0.1

All the other packages (e.g. UiPath.System.Activities) still need Json 11.0.2.

So my solution was to downgrade Testing.Activities to version 1.0.0, which is dependent on Json 12.0.3, which seems to be somehow compatible with 11.0.2.

At least, the error does not occur anymore in my bot.
But even as it works, I don’t see this issue resolved - How to deal with the problem if it is not possible to downgrade the “most advanced package”?
I now have to tell my colleagues anyhow, that they neverever should update that package. Which I (or we) are not really happy about.

We were also looking into that topic:

But this is also not the solution to our problem, as in our case nothing was loaded into GAC.

Any solution? Any suggestions?

Thank you,