System exception.Cannot bring the target application in the foreground

Hello All,

I have this exception, when iam working on VM and if I have the standby screen

I get this issue

How we resolve it please
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System exception.Cannot bring the target application in the foreground. at Source: Star\Global_Star.xaml - Invoke Workflow File: CVScope UiPath

Hi @nora_ziani,

You will need an unattended license to run a process with a VM minimised or closed, and the process will need to start from Orchestrator. If you are running from Studio on the VM then the VM will need to remain open and visible


Yes now iam running it from the studio on the VM,

after I will deploy it with trigger and robot unattended ,

then u think with robot I will not find this issue?

when I stay connected I did not have the issue

Thank u

If you run it from a trigger then it will be fine as long as your have an unattended license, though if you open the VM and then close the VM then the process may break. It’s best to let it run and you not open the VM :slight_smile:

Running from Studio on the VM and leaving it open will also work with no issue (trusting your license allows you to do so)

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