System.Data.DuplicateNameException: A column named 'Status' already belongs to this DataTable

I am getting this issue.System.Data.DuplicateNameException: A column named ‘Status’ already belongs to this DataTable.

Seems your Excel file having two column with same name (‘Status’). Rename the source file and try again.

actually when my application execute it create some header in excel and then insert data in web.But mean while if any error occur and try to run this it will start second time but header is already create in first run.I think it try to create header status second time which is already exist and throw error.
There is any system to check if excel header is already created with the name of status then it not create.

Is it in your hand to enable or disable to create new headers?

In excel sheet already have header I am creating three additional error status,flag,error code.I create this header using write cell.
Now what happened first time it create in excel but second time I try to re run same excel then got error

So you are using Add data column activity ryt?

write cell

Then u will not get any error as it will overwrite that column name on previously added as u mentioned cell name ryt

but I am getting this error.which I mention above

What you are using in write cell in range field

on which activity u are getting this error ?

in read range

Then check which column names are same in Excel file

User a read cell for A1 Column and if this returns you a header value, done add duplicate header if its not there add it… You can develop a custom logic to validate.

One other approach, try if you have option to delete and recreate excel on every exception

ok thanks let me check and update you