System.AggregateException on intranet site

I’m building a process that runs on an internal website at our company. The robot can navigate the web pages just fine until it reaches a certain view that opens a new tab in the browser.

After that, it fails to see any elements in the new tab, gives a System.AggragateException. The robot will switch to the old tab in order to find a search button I told it to press. Even stranger, the button I want to click is in the UiPath Explorer, it validates and can highlight the correct button.

So I close the previous tab to stop it from searching the old page for the specific button, but then it just fails. So when comes to running, it seemingly cannot see anything on the page. It can’t even click an image or enter a hotkey into the page.

I have tried on Internet Explorer and Chrome with the UiPath Plugin.

So my question is, is there any standardized HTML or web page format that the page needs so the robot can see it’s elements during runtime? The page view was create via the intranet site’s tool, not an actual web developer.

Hi @RoboDan

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Fine, make sure that the window is maximized to the screen with the help of maximize window activity that would let the bot to identify the element…as you say you were able to highlight with selector editor, so it should work for sure…
-next try with IE as it is the best and reliable browser for uipath, when compared to Chrome
–make sure that the selectors in attach browser is valid and use a click activity or send hot key activity within this attach browser and make sure it has the partial selectors in it…
–And finally make sure that in all the activities which interact with element, there is a property named Waitforready, make it with Interactive or None…

Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @RoboDan

Hi @Palaniyappan

Thank you so much for your quick response, sorry for my slow reply!

I had most of your steps already done, but I started from scratch to make sure I didn’t miss any of them.
Even after implementing everything you say, the Robot still fails when running.

I haven’t had this issue with other web pages, which leads me to believe something is different about how this web page is generated.

It is a view page on an internal website, so there is a possibility that it is generated on the button press that opens the tab, or that the HTML that makes it up is not up to a certain standard that UiPath needs to see elements when running.

The strangest part about this is that UiPath can’t even click an image that’s on the web page. Says the selector cannot be found, whether I indicate a scope on screen or not.

Thank you for your help!