System.Activity for dotNET 6

@StefanSchnell you got it right :slight_smile: we are heading to .NET 6 as a LTS version

  1. Yes, System.Activity and Workflow.Foundation are independent of 22.4 release, we plan to have them available ahead. Most likely we will have something in January - February next year.

  2. You can plan ahead :slight_smile: but until we deliver the first port of Studio/Robot you will not benefit from the new activities

  3. We will provide a patch for 21.10 with NET6 so in the future having just NET6 should also cover this usecase. We don’t have a timeline yet, but it will happen early next year.

  4. What version of System.Activities are you using? It should also work for cross-platform with net5.0.

Hope this helps,

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