System 1 Create Yearly Report | Download Issue


Inside the Type Into activity, I have put correct ReportFilePath (in the picture) but the file is getting downloaded with a different name. And because of this Read CSV activity is throwing an exception.

Where am I wrong?

Your issue is that you want “-11” in the end , but it’s writing “November” ?

No, my issue is it should write Report-(TaxID)-(MonthName)-(Year).csv . The Type Into activity is working fine but the file is getting saved as Report-(TaxID)-11.
As you can see in the second screenshot that it’s typing the correct ReportFilePath but the file is getting saved in a different name (screenshot 1).

I will suggest that firstly you search number of "type into " activity , you are using .
Make sure that you are putting message box before the same type into.
Check the remaining “type into” in your process.

Uncheck the ‘SimulateType’ of Typeinto activity and try again. This worked for me