Syntax Help! "criteria As TerminalField"?


This is not documented well, so I’m hoping someone here can guide me toward the syntax needed to perform Terminal Session tasks outside the installed Activities.

((The .vbscripts and vba macros doing the same tasks are light years faster :sunglasses:))

So, the goal here is to perform the quickest Terminal tasks possible.
Such as,

  • Get Text At Position
  • Set Field At Position
  • Wait Text At Position
  • Send Control Key
  • Move Cursor

Assuming Terminal is the session variable,
I was using the code Terminal.GetTextAtPosition() as a way to check the text.

The “Get Text At Position” built-in activity was taking 1-2secs each activity. So just inputting 1 line item into the session brought the total wait time to 6secs, which is extremely slow considering your basic vb code would execute the same line in under 0.2 seconds or so.

- That is with all activities having Delay and TimeoutMS set on 0.

So the question is:
How do you input the "criteria As TerminalField" and "options" part of the syntax?

I did create a TerminalField variable which unlocked the RowStart and ColStart parameters, but could still not figure out how to set the criteria part.

Also, please provide ways of utilizing the other Terminal actions, like setting the field at position or wait for text before an action, or if there is any documentation on it do share.

UiPath Studio Version 2016.2.6274