Syntax error when inserting data on a DB

I am trying to insert data in a DB using the Run Query activity.
The connection with the DB works fine, but I keep getting an error which is related to the syntax.

I am using this query:
“Insert INTO ImportTable( Type of test, PM) VALUES(@Argument1, @Argument2);”

The error I get:
Run query: Incorrect syntax near the keyword ‘of’.

Am I writing something wrong, what could be the correct syntax?
Thanks in advance!

Hi @armi_v ,

Could you maybe try with the below and check if it works :

Insert INTO ImportTable( [Type of test], PM) VALUES(@Argument1, @Argument2);

“Insert INTO ImportTable( [Type of test], [PM]) VALUES(‘@Argument1’, ‘@Argument2’);”

you can use to consider it as single column if the space is given it takes as multiple column or error

Thank you! It worked :slight_smile:


Thanks, that solved the problem :slight_smile:

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