Synchronization of logs from local to orchestrator

Is it possible to stop the synchronization of execution lofs from local db to orchestrator db in community version?

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From the assistant go to preferences and then change the log level to fatal…and I guess you are not using any fatal logs…so no logs would be pushed to orchestrator

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Hi @Vaibhav_Rajpoot_17,

@Anil_G wonderful work around - this one helps,

By doing any configuration it is not possible to stop the synchronization of execution logs from local db to Orchestrator db in the Community version of UiPath. The synchronization of logs is a built-in feature that cannot be disabled or customized in the Community version. However, you can control the level of details that are synchronized by adjusting the logging level settings in UiPath Studio or Robot settings.

The “Robot Logs” section is a feature in the Enterprise version of UiPath Orchestrator, and may not be available in the Community version or older versions of Orchestrator.


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