Symbol toggle is ON/OFF

I want if Symbol toggle is ON, it should always off it and if it OFF just ignore it, before proceeding further step, how it can be done? as it is recorded for change the toggle, it will just toggle it, if its ON,it will make it OFF, if it is OFF it will make it ON.

Hi @mdnaimuddin,

You can check for the state of the element. Check if there is any property(like aastate…) of the element which gives its state.
Then using the Get attribute activity, you can get the property and check and take actions based on that.
Hope this helps.
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Hi @mdnaimuddin,

Did you find solution for this?

You need to use ‘Check App State Activity’ and when selecting use Image Selection mode. Also use image accuracy to 1.

Check this:

Sasikumar K