Symbol change

I hve a input like this 12-(-13)+24 then output should be as 12+13+24 I should not add that only the symbol must change for example minus.minus=+

Hi @sruthesanju, what is the variable type of your input?

Hi @sruthesanju

Please find the below screen shot for your reference. Try this and let me know whether it meetā€™s your expectation.

The value of ā€˜stringReplaceā€™ is stringVal.Replace("-(-","+").Replace(")","")

Note: The variable type of ā€˜firstSplit & secondSplitā€™ should be in system.char

Feel free to reach us at any time if you have doubts. Thanks.

Happy Automation.

I need to check as mathematical expression as --=+ ,+-=+

Itā€™s workings.Thanks

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