& Symbol and Read CSV activity


Is there a way to get UIPATH to read & symbol when using data from CSV to complete activities.

I find when I have a Customer/Business name in a CSV doc that contains a & symbol it wont find and click on the Name as per whats in the CSV


Hi @KarenL

Let me know whether this approach works for you…

  1. Read the CSV data to a datatable using Read CSV activity
  2. Use a For Each Row activity to loop through the datatable
  3. use an Assign activity to replace symbols in a selected row inside the loop. For example, lets say you have a symbol “****” in a string ‘Marine Marketing*****’ like this
    In the assign activity, we can replace it like this

If you wish, you can assign this value back to the datatable in the assign activity itself. If you want to assign it back to the datatable, under the “To” property, mention
If you want to assign it to another variable, you can do it by providing the variable name there and then use it for your selections…