Switching to new tab in Chrome

Your workflow is working for me and get text is also working.

@kirti.iyer it does work for me also, but it throws some error on this other website that i am using. So thats a bummer.

Hey there is this another issue I am facing, my orchestrator is connected and licensed, I have created a bot as well, but my workflow I am unable to publish the workflow for some reason.

The error says I cannot both read and write at the same time.

Is your license a Attended bot As the Robot is connected to orchestrator if it is not a development license then you can only run and debug your flows.

These are the errors I am facing

@Palaniyappan @DanielMitchell @AshwinS2 @kirti.iyer @ImPratham45 @WhenCutEsh
@ shawnmurray
Kidnly asssit on the same.

@Palaniyappan yes the new website has a unique URL but the URL is dynamic.

Is there any way I can capture the dynamic URL ??

Hi @Aditya_Bhalerao

In your workflow does it have errors
Check the process name there or not in orchestrator


Hey the issue got resolved, I just had the workflow file on the desktop. I sent it and all the associated files to a folder and then was able to publish.

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