Switching tabs, but jumping back to first tab when writing

Hey Folks,

  1. I have three chrome tabs of an identic websites e.g. google frontpage

  2. I fill in the information on the first site (but don´t search)

  3. I switch tabs with ‘send Hotkey: ctrl+pgdn’

  4. It should fill the search field on the second tab, but jumps back to the first tab (and there it fills the data again)

–it never reaches the third tab

Any ideas, how the Robot could stay on the second or third tab to fill the search?

Give a try on working with Browser Output from Open Browser / attach Browser for isolating and seperate accessing the different tabs

For more Details in the topic also have a Look here

Unfortunately i work with tabs and not browsers, and i couldn’t find any tab id´s.
Additionally the tabs are open already, so it´s more like:

Write -> next tab -> write -> next tab

it´s just about the writing, not hitting the search button

there were some typos in the discussion from the referenced posts and “browser” were used instead of tabs. But you can share the three urls with us and we can crosscheck the approach with the browser output variable

it´s really just about google.

Open three tabs in the same Chrome browser.

Write in each tab:

  1. hello
  2. beautiful
  3. world

Unfortunately I can’t upload my xaml

And keep in mind, that you should not hit the search button.

I have 3 tabs with the google mainpage open
I write different values into those tabs

Afterwards i can look through those tabs


i have a similar problem. The are several posts on this forum related to tabs, but no answer to any of them.

any help would be appreciated.