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take a created workflow and look in the designer panel…in the ribbons section.near to manage variable …

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Sorry bro, i have not seen anything like taxonomy manager. can you send me screenshot of this ? what is the version of studio you are using ?

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Also liked the feature Project Dependencies Mass Update Tool.


Wonderful! :slight_smile:


Hi @ovi

i update it but still doesn’t get the back button option

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what is that? what shall we do with that teams? will you please explain if itspossible…!

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Git is a version control tool that has been requested by the community for quite some time.

Hi @pratap

Check out also our documentation here:

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its in the beta only, I switched back to stable few minutes back. Sorry I dont have any screenshots. We can see it in the coming stable update i guess

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I have a UiPath test project that I had already put in a Git repo. When I try to push my changes to the remote origin in Azure DevOps, I get an “Enter credentials” dialog. I’m entering my Azure credentials, but just keep getting the dialog box. This may be because we’ve integrated Azure with a single sign-on solution? I’m guessing it’s not properly following the redirect to our SSO service?

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Hi, many thanks for the info :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot for this.Came just in time for the project i’m trying. :grin:

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IntelligentOCR Taxonomy Manager

The Taxonomy Manager is the next piece of the document processing puzzle, a wizard created to help you build custom taxonomy files which can then be reused across processes.

We have developed the Load Taxonomy activity, which grants you the ability to load the taxonomy created with the aid of the Taxonomy Manager wizard into a variable which can then be passed on to other activities.

I saw this in the latest release :+1::wink:

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I am still confused with what is this TAXONOMY. Need to do some research on it first I guess. hehe

Hello @amithvs - once you install the IntelligentOCR package, you will have a new wizard in the Studio Ribbon, called Taxonomy Manager.


The Taxonomy Manager allows you to define, within a project, a metadata containing the list of document types and associated fields, that you would like to process from incoming documents.

Example of document types:
Invoice (with fields: Invoice Date, Invoice Number, Total Amount etc)
Medical Record (with fields: Patient Name, Record Date, etc)

The taxonomy thus generated can be loaded using the new “Load Taxonomy” activity, and fed into a “Classify Document Scope” activity, in conjunction with the “Keyword Based Classifier” activity as child activity.

Documentation on the Taxonomy Manager can be found here: https://activities.uipath.com/docs/taxonomy-manager

If you need a sample workflow to use the new features, let me know and I can put one together.


Hi @Ioana_Gligan

If you feel like it, feel free to write a blog about it similar to our Workflow Diff blog :slight_smile: :
#FeatureBlog - 19.2 - File Change Management (Workflow File Diff).

wow, thanks a lot. If you can provide a workflow it will be super helpful.