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The Taxonomy Manager allows you to define, within a project, a metadata containing the list of document types and associated fields, that you would like to process from incoming documents.

Example of document types:
Invoice (with fields: Invoice Date, Invoice Number, Total Amount etc)
Medical Record (with fields: Patient Name, Record Date, etc)

The taxonomy thus generated can be loaded using the new “Load Taxonomy” activity, and fed into a “Classify Document Scope” activity, in conjunction with the “Keyword Based Classifier” activity as child activity.

Documentation on the Taxonomy Manager can be found here: https://activities.uipath.com/docs/taxonomy-manager

If you need a sample workflow to use the new features, let me know and I can put one together.


Hi @Ioana_Gligan

If you feel like it, feel free to write a blog about it similar to our Workflow Diff blog :slight_smile: :
#PreviewBlogs 2019.2 - File Change Management (Workflow File Diff). We need your voice!.

wow, thanks a lot. If you can provide a workflow it will be super helpful.

How do we use the Git feature in 2019.3? I keep getting error not able to connect to the repository. Is there some documentation?

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@vincebhleo i got it to work. You have to mention the same folder as the repository where you have the xaml files. Then it gets connected without any issue
But if we mention the project parent folder it throws an error.

My xaml files is already in the parent folder. I got the error below:

GIT: UiPath.Studio.Contracts.RecoverableException: Unable to clone from the given repository. Please make sure that the remote is available and try again. —> LibGit2Sharp.LibGit2SharpException: target OID for the reference doesn’t exist on the repository

I’m using a private Github and switch to public too but doesn’t work. What did you use?

I’m also using a private Github repository. That works fine…

What I did is, I opened the solution in Studio, navigated to Teams -> Clone a remote repository -> then gave the repository URL, and the credentials and it was all fine… Not quite sure why it gave an error for you :thinking:

Git integration looks awesome so far, however I’m getting some strange behaviour. I’ve already previously connected my work to a GitHub repo and use the “GitHub for Desktop” program to pull/push all my UiPath files. I’ve never connected my Studio to this account but it somehow knows how to push to the right place already. There is also no option to disconnect it (it is greyed out). So is it possible it’s reading my existing repo automatically? Is there somewhere we can provide feedback specific to this? I’m not sure if this is the right place or not.

Hi @AWoz

Could you give it a try on 2019.4.0? It should allow you to disconnect the project from GIT.

And yes, indeed - Studio will automatically detect if a project is under Git source control, even if it was cloned with a different tool.

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Hi @loginerror,

It now allows me to disconnect :slight_smile:. However, there is a minor issue where on hover, the disconnect button description still says “Disconnect is not available…”. This occurs in the yellow highlighted area in my screenshot below. Other areas provide correct messages:

Seems like the functionality works, just a minor bug with the text as far as I can tell.


Hi @AWoz

Thank you for reporting. The issue will be resolved in due time :slight_smile:

Can someone help me plz. I don’t see the option of switching the channel. Any idea, how to update to the Beta version in this case? Thanks a lot

Disconnect your Robot from Orchestrator, restart Studio and the option should be visible then.

thanks a lot. i will try

Dear Ovi,

i’ve disconnect my Robot from Orchestrator and restarted Studio, it still hasn’t shown me the option…

Any idea what’s the problem?


Hi @miketong44

It would seem that you have the Enterprise installer which has the auto-update disabled.

Only the Studio Community Edition installed via the .exe instaler can auto-update.

I hope it clarifies the behaviour :slight_smile:

Sure. Thanks for the explanation. Could you tell me, how could i then install the Fast Track version?

Of course. The easiest way to get your latest Enterprise MSI installer is to navigate here:

You will need to create a Cloud account for that.

Another way is to ask our technical support directly (who would also be able to provide earlier versions), but it is much slower solution and should be mostly considered only for specific cases (when you need specific version to match your current setup).

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need 2019.4.2 if u help me

Thanks for the info @loginerror , with this I’ve updated to 2019.8 beta version nd going through the new features hands-on.

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