Switch - the workflow doesn't skip the default option, even if it is not the valid one

Dear colleagues,

For my RPA classes I try to build a workflow which calculates the withdrawal tax and new sold after user withdrawals money from ATM.

There are 3 accounts: Debit, Credit and Savings
The withdrawal tax for Debit and Savings account is 0.05% and for Credit Account is 1.5%; The Withdrawal tax can’t be smaller than 1 EUR.

I use an input dialog in order the user to select the account from where the amount to be withdraw. The option is linked to an Array of Strings variable, AccountsArray = {“Debit Account”, “Credit Account”, “Saving Account”}
The selection is stored in a variable, SelectedAccount

Then I use a Switch activity to calculate the withdrawal tax based on the value of SelectedAccount.
HOWEVER, the workflow always picks the default scenario.
Any idea why?

I attach the workflow.ATM_Flowchart.xaml (40.2 KB)

Remove Double quotes for all the cases

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Hello @Cardon_Cezar

You don’t need to specify the double quotes on the case value of the switch case activity. Just specify the string without double quotes… then it will work

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Correct, THANK YOU!!!

You are right, Thank You!!!

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