Switch condition totally broken

I already reported that as bug in the feedback form. But it’s so hard broken, so I hope in this way I can speed the fix process a little bit.

As you can see from picture I’m lost. But if you use the Switch activity and the Case is wrong, you are in a loop. You get a popup and click it away. Then you need to input again. It does not matter what you input, you always get the popup. It’s also not possible to click ESC. Or Leave empty and hit Enter. Nothing is working…

2019-12-16 09_41_24-StrokesPlus

The only way to stop it is to kill UiPath Studio. Am I the only one with that bug?

I know I would need to change the Type of the Switch Activity to get it working with the BrowserType. But if you use Object or something different from the correct Type, it is somehow broken.


In that case we can use parallel activity instead of switch case
Where in the left side we can have the sequence of activity and in the right def use two activities like
Element exists activity, IF activity and a click activity
So that if that pop up appears it will click on that
Kindly correct me if I am wrong with the question

Cheers @kwoxer

I created a Video that shows the issue in detail.

2019-12-16-10-14-48.7z (420.5 KB)