Switch between Selector Editor and Expression Editor

The selector editor makes it really easy to edit selector content.
But sometimes, we need to do some special adjustment in selector string.
For instance, change the string of selector dynamically through several variable.
So we still need to often use Expression Editor to edit selector content.

Usually, we have to break the XML format of the selector string for use Expression Editor.
Personally, I think it is quite inconvenient and clever UiPath developer shouldn’t to do like that.
Therefore I hope UiPath Studio will be added a new feature can be used to switch between Selector Editor and Expression Editor,
or other ways to easily switch to Expression Editor when need it.

Or simply be able to add variables(even code?) directly in the Selector Editor in some way.

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Thanks for your reply.
I had the same idea like you, but I think the implementation of add a switch button is more easy,
In the development of complex robot processes,
we almost repeat that example of operation every case.
And of course we can copy and paste.
But seriously, I even think it’s a problem of usability.
Especially when I do presentations for clients.
I sincerely hope the UiPath team will take this issue seriously.
Thank you for your vote on my idea.

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Hi @wusiyangjia

I guess we went with allowing variables in selectors :slight_smile:
See here: