Swipe in mobil Up not working

swipe in mobil Up not working
left and ruit its ok help me to fix it pleas

Hi @feras_assaf ,

Is your issue resolved, If not please share the screenshot of the activity.

no resolved

Hi, I have the same issue. Left and right swipe are working but not Up and down. Can you help?

can you please provide more details? without any details it’s impossible to suggest anything.

  • On what platform are you encountering the issue? Android/iOS?
  • Are you running on device/emulator?
  • Version of Appium
  • How is the device configured?
  • Are you trying to swipe in MDM or activity? Is swipe working if you are using selection by absolute position?
  • Any other detail that might be important.
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Hi, I am facing this issue in the case of Android. I am running it on a simulator connection on SauceLabs. Config detail is as below:
|deviceName|Android GoogleAPI Emulator|
##Can not mention appiumURL and app URL here##
While I swipe up, it opens the options menu for android like wifi, brightness, location and flight mode, etc.
P.S.: I am not using any container and target here. Just giving it a swipe up. It works in the case of iOS but not in the case of Android. It is hard to create a selector for container and target as this application is highly dynamic and I am trying to scroll on a data grid.