Sustainable growth of bots


Within my organization we are facing a challenge of bot growth and we want to implement a solution to add more bots to the organization in a sustainable way.

We currently work under RPA dedicated servers and from these we run the different bots we currently have.

We have started to receive more initiatives for new bots but our servers are getting saturated and requesting a new server every time we run out of space can be costly.

What recommendations can you give me to have a more sustainable way to add more bots to my organization and how to manage them so we don’t have to use a new server every time we run out of space.


Eliud Bernal


Two things here

  1. If its regarding the space then you have option to use a common location like a shareddrive to configure your .nuget locations where the ockages are downlaoded this way no duplication of downlods happen
  2. If it is because of number of machien…then we can see at what times bots are already running and schedule nee bots in the time window where the machines are free
  3. If the bots are not using and local drives or so then we can go with studioweb automation for those which work on serverless robots which save the servers

Hope this helps


The problem is not because of disk space but because we have the servers working 24 hours a day and we do not have time slots available to schedule new bots.

Is there any way to run the bots other than directly with a server? containers, some web service?


If the bots are developed using cross platform then they can run on cloud serverless bots as well

Also can run on docker containers…

If not you need to have new servers


You could also look into high density robots