Suspended job gets killed by another job (one unattended robot)

Hi everyone,

we have several processes running with one unattended bot. One of the processes is a long running process with Action Center included. We’re currently facing an issue with managing the runtimes: The long running process runs perfectly fine. But what happens when the Action Center Task isn’t comleted for a longer time (still in suspended mode) and another process gets started by the same robot, is that the suspended long running process job gets killed by the new job. In my understanding the robot gets back to available status after the first process is suspended and the long running process gets finished after I confirmed action center task, once the robot is available again, so I don’t understand why the suspended job gets killed by another job.

Is that a normal behaviour or are there any settings that have to be changed to get rid of that problem?


Hi @piaso.h,

When job is suspended and waiting for action to get completed, meanwhile bot will start running other process.

And once action is completed, next available bot will resume the suspended process.

So, what happens in your case currently when action is completed in action center?

Can you show the screenshot of your workflow and also the logs screenshot which shows what happens when process is resumed?


Hey Sonali,

thanks for your reply.
Process 1 starts, pushes a task in the action center and goes into suspended mode. If another process (process 2) starts, before the task of process 1 in action center is completed, so when process 1 is still suspended, process 1 is killed. Process 2 runs and finishes properly. But as the suspended process 1 gets killed in the moment process 2 starts, it doens’t resume anymore when the task in action center is completed.
Process 1 runs perfectly fine, as long as it’s finished before process 2 starts. But as soon as it’s still suspended, when process 2 starts, it gets killed and we have to start process 1 from scratch manually.