Survey results in PDF

I need to process survey results.
It means there are several pages scanned:

Result should be: if marked cirle is found (X) - return value from the left (Y). Then look for another one.

1. First step was to find marked circles - partly done
I used Find Image Matches → but not sure what Variable type for X should be used (at the moment I have ,System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable" → dont know why)

2. For each ,variable output from step 1" → Get OCR text → Message box with Y

Problem is, that Get OCR is locked with position, so Im recieveing 1b - 4 times.

Any ideas how to fix this?

Thank you

this sounds complicate and will require C# skills in image processing.
I would recommend to build a module which decides if a circle is painted or not. The module would get a bitmap which represents the cropped circle. Evaluation can be done by comparing the average color of the bitmap, which will be higher if the circle is crossed or painted somehow.
The hardest part will be finding where the circles actually are on the current sheet. If the scans have good quality ans all sheets are well placed in the scan area, the easiest way will be applying a map of coordinates.

Find the image, that looks fine. I just dont know how to iterate/loop. Becuase its always lock to the first posiiton I use.

So, there is no way how to tell: Get OCR text which is Always on the left of the found circle then move to another found circle?