Support Robots?

I am working on some ideas from a support perspective when monitoring and troubleshooting robots. I am dabbling with the Ideas of having robots troubleshoot robots in other machines when something goes wrong or just extracting logs for metric purposes. My idea would be having one or two robots dedicated to doing this. What are some common areas to check? how do you think this solution would look like? What other ways could a support robot solution be beneficial?

Sounds complicated :thinking:
Are you wanting the Robot to repair and republish, or to just determine if the fault requires the job to be restarted or if the fault needs attention (like expired passwords for example) to tell your dummy-self what the issue is? I could see maybe a Robot that can read errors and try to restart the job depending on the error, and doesn’t seem too hard. It would be cool if you can figure out a way for the Robot to actually develop/debug and republish, also based on basic/internal RPA coding practices. - You might also check out the open source SonarQube, which is being used to certify best coding practices to deploy projects into a production environment; I think it is coded in java and mostly reads the .xaml like an xml file.

It might be better for Tableau or kibana to output metrics, because the Execution Logs are being returned for those systems already. But, maybe the Robot would prepare the metrics in those systems and send it out to the manager(s).

I feel like this might be covered in publishing the bot with a global exception handler?

I really like this idea of bots maintaining bots… but it hurts my brain to think about how to get it working.

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One Idea is that if someone is having an issue with their computer, that may not know how to troubleshoot well, they can kick off the process from the UiRobot tray and it will examine the process for known frequent issues then send out a report back to the end user and to another user (“preferably RPA Support”).
This Idea can be translated into having a process that troubleshoots your computer for you if a user doesn’t know how to fix it or doesn’t know what’s going on.