Support needed for Intelligent OCR

@Gabriel_Tatu Hi Gabriel,
I’m trying to use the Intelligent OCR activities in UiPath, can you please let me know some details regarding the DefinitionFiles in Process Document activity? Also can you please share a sample xaml file for the same. Thanks!

Hi @Sidd . Is this related to the Powerup Automation Hackathon? If not, can it be moved to another category?

To answer to your question, using FlexiCapture you can define one or more templates (or layouts) and later you can check a real document against all these templates to see which type it is (and then to extract data from it according to that layout). In this parameter (Definition Files) you can provide the paths to all the templates you want to use in your process.

No this is not related to Powerup Automation Hackathon, can you please move it and let me know? thanks!

Can you please share me a sample workflow using Intelligent ocr activities? Thanks in advance!