Supplier and Customer Types Attributes

I have a question about process mining demo (Purchase-To-Pay). I’m confused about data and some attributes. Every case/invoice is coming from a spesific supplier, I mean a company works for MG Auto. Every invoice seems have always two attributes like supplier type and customer type with n/a values. How can it be? As I experienced, according to your relationship with a company you can be a supplier or customer, sometimes both. It didn’t make sense. Can anyone please explain it? And also, when I looked at the details I can see the supplier attributes and export them with case IDs but I cannot reach the relation between case IDs and customer/customer types etc. Is there something wrong or am I missing something? Thanks.

Hi @CanerU, you have a good point here. In a normal purchasing process, you wouldn’t expect a customer, just a supplier. But we have customers who do “drop shipments” in sales. To explain: You buy a T-shirt with your name printed on it from a retailer. Of course, the retailer does not have this T-shirt in stock, but orders it from his supplier, the manufacturer. In this purchase order, your name or number is also recorded, so that it is known for which customer the T-shirt is intended. Often the T-shirt is not even delivered to the retailer, but from the manufacturer directly to you, so that it arrives faster. For such and similar variants of the purchasing process, it can be quite useful to have a field for the customer in the dataset. I hope my answer helps.

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Hello @Rudolf_Kuhn. Thanks for your response. It really helped. I have another question. I want to make deeper analysis. How can I reach connection between invoice numbers and their customer details? Of course, it doesn’t make sense for this special process. For further mining projects, can we/developers make all attributes visible in ‘details’ tab?