Summary information from excel files into one excel file


will you please add xlsx file aslo ?

hi KienACC.xlsx (9.6 KB)

in which column you want to update new value?

I want to assign D column.

Example : D2 = A2&β€œ/”&B2
D3 = A3&β€œ/”&B3…


Excel to Excel TRIM.xaml (12.8 KB)

check this

Thanks you so much… I will check and inform to you tomorrow.

Thanks you thanks you so much always man ^^

Hi, the result is correct ^^
Thanks man!


I have used Assign Activity to replace the special Character β€œ" to β€œ.” with command :
NgayTK=NgayTK.Replace(”",β€œ.”)… but it could not replaced.

This command has any not correct ?

Should specify some character in β€œtobeReplacee” argument.


Just tell me how the result will look like at end?


Example : 29/01/2019 will replace into 29.01.2019



import system.text.regularexpression dll



Hi, I want to replace all of value in B Column.

All of the date in B column will be replaced from xx\xx\xx to xx.xx.xx

this should work…


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hehe… Thanks you so much man ^^

I will have an " TET " holiday from tomorrow to 11/2/2019

See u again & Happy New year to you ^^

wish you the same

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