Summary information from excel files into one excel file

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I have an sample. I want to extract some information ( highlighted with YELLOW ) from 2 excel files ( Source File 1 & 2 ) file into one excel file ( Destination File ) as attached files.

How to do it on UiPath ?

Thanks you very much!Source File 1.xlsx (21.7 KB)
Source File 2.xlsx (33.3 KB)
Destination File.xlsx (8.0 KB)


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please check attached file. (63.1 KB)

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Sorry, I have one small question.

Why we use Write Line Activity in this case?


dose this solved your problem ?

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write line just for reference.

if folder contains other than xlsx files then you just need to use if condition


I want to TRIM some individual in string as below picture with UiPATH… how to do this ?

I think when we create a Data Table, we can extract and trim in this step right ? (63.3 KB)

please refer this file

Hi, Thanks you for your file.

But I want to TRIM from the space position to the end of this string.

After the final result will show as below :

Use below expression before messages box assign stage

Code = Code.split(" "c)(0)

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If I want to clear all of content in the Destination File from A2 to C1000 before append or write new data… which command or activity will be used ?


May be you can delete file…this is most simple way…

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I have one small question. In the destination File, I want to assign a fix text in D column as below picture…

How to assign this case ?

Destination File.xlsx (9.4 KB)


in build datatable activity just add one more column with name you want…

and in add data row option just add data row with “VIN” (63.3 KB)

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I set Default Value for D Column to " VN " ^^

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Hi, sorry with another small question.

I want to value at E column combine from A Column & B Column.

Example : E2 = =A2&“/”&B2

How to setting this case ?

Thanks you.

Destination File.xlsx (9.8 KB)


you can do something like this (63.3 KB)


problem solved ?



Sorry, I have setting on my project and faced error as below.

Excel to Excel TRIM.xaml (12.5 KB)