SUMIFs function- UiPath

Hi All, need help. I’m trying to sumif by two columns (Item and Name), I have been able to transponse( distinct “Name” as the column and item as the row, but when I write cell to pass the formula, it returns as below, I have also attached the ideal output. Help. Please share a xaml file to see what I’m doing wrong. Also attached is the excel. Also how do I ensure that if the column or row increases/decreases the formula fills for all.

DataTEST.xlsx (18.3 KB)

use this xaml
Test1.xaml (9.6 KB)

use read range to find last row of table
then use autofill range activity


the first auto fill range activity will fill this part (i dont know why it skips column U and row 5 since my range = U4:AD20

second will fill this

last one will fill this

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