Sum Specific Values to match a total

Hi all,

I have a list of values and I need to have UIPath find which values when totaled together matches the balance. In this case (458.29) + (-199)

Balance 259.29

Deal Type | Shares
Sale | -239
Sale | -199
Sale | -467.35
Purchase | 458.29

Is there a way to handle this?

Hi @MattRPA2019

Do you want the sum of the Sales and the Purchase content to be clubbed together?

Not all the values.

I need to find which values when combined will match the Balance.

In this example I have 4 values in the table, but only combining 458.29 and -199 matched the balance. The other values are then ignored.

This would be quite difficult as the number of entries could vary…

Following the post to check the response :slight_smile:

In my suggestion, I would see the balance and then check the -ive and +ives clubbed together to see if it add ups or not :expressionless:

Anyone any thoughts on this?